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saving us from our own greed: the US Embassy in Kuwait

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on September 24, 2007

As usual, the US embassy here in Lebanon has had nothing to say to its citizens regarding last week’s bombing. Oh well. At least other US embassies around the region keep me up-to-date on critical issues like personal safety and … work scams. This came last week from the Embassy in Kuwait:

International Work Offer Scam

Recently US military contractors in Kuwait received offers by individuals claiming they can obtain an employment visa and residency permit for Dakar, Senegal. These offers appear to be scams. One person paid a large fee to an agency called Zenith Travel for a visa and residency permit to work for a company named Calpine Group Limited. This is contrary to normal procedures—Senegalese visas can only be provided directly by the Ministry of Interior, and Americans working in Senegal usually obtain the visa from the Ministry once they are resident there. Information about how to apply for a Residence Permit in Senegal can be found at: http://dakar.usembassy.gov/service/living-in-senegal-and-guinea-bissau/senegalese-residence-permit.html

Anyone considering working in Senegal or any foreign country should thoroughly investigate the job offer. Other common scams involve internet dating, inheritance, and money-laundering and are often initiated through the internet. For more information on scams, visit the State Department website at: http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/financial_scams/financial_scams_3155.html.

I have several things to say about this warning. First, are there really that many Kuwait-based US contractors looking for work in Senegal? Things must be _really_ bad in Iraq. Second, don’t these people apply the “an email from the crown prince of Nigeria” test to these offers before accepting them? And third, who am I to complain? After all, the US Embassy in Kuwait continues to show much greater concern for my well-being than the US Embassy here. So please, keep the warden messages coming!


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