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what’s your news?

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on September 6, 2007

G knows how much I love Beirut’s creative graffiti artists. When I checked my email this morning, this photo was waiting for me like a sweet little gift in my inbox:


The word inside the television set is “al-akhbar”, the news – which also happens to be the title of Lebanon’s major opposition-friendly daily newspaper. Although the graffiti works equally well as a comment on television as Lebanon’s primary news medium, I think the similarity in font is not accidental:


(I should note that G thinks I am quite silly for trying to link the graffiti to the paper.)

Those of you familiar with Lebanese politics may be snickering at the placement of this graffiti: kitty-corner from one supporting the rabidly Christian, pro-March 14 Kata’ib. As for me, I think its nice to see Achrafiyeh embracing a little diversity :).


2 Responses to “what’s your news?”

  1. Hassan said


    You should check with g if this is graffiti is recent or dates back to that period when news and political shows were banned from TV in Lebanon. Could that be the reason for this? Just a (rather far-fetched) thought.

  2. Hey there DXB’er 🙂

    The photo is recent – taken sometime within the past ten days – but who knows what the graffiti means. G is currently on a sun-seeking weekend in Cyprus so I can’t ask for more details until tomorrow. Maybe knowing the exact location will help 🙂

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