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Amb. Habib from Marwan Hamadeh: Ebay treasures

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on August 31, 2007

I love ebay. I find everything from merino wool sweaters (perfect for Lebanon’s mild winters) to archival documents (perfect for … my Ph.D.!) there.

Sometimes I just browse – like window-shopping, but online. When I do, I often find the most amazing treasures – like this “used book”:


What’s amazing about the book isn’t the book itself, but its provenance. Look at the note sticking out from the book and read the seller’s description:

a personal account. by lina mikdadi. published 1983 by onyx press. pretty sure this is first edition.

great condition. a few crumpled marks from where paperclips once were (there probably was a letter or something attached)

found tucked inside is a note… Amb. Habib from Marwan Hammadeh.. at least that’s what i think it says… dedication of book includes a Marwan her nephew. The author’s married name is Hamadeh or Hammadeh. soo…

from the estate library of former US Ambassador and Special Envoy to the Middle East Philip C. Habib.

about the 1982 invasion of Israel into Lebanon.

actually i just noticed a few places of underlining with check marks. references in text to Mr. Habib. wow.

Surviving the Siege of Beirut was written by Lina Mikdadi Tabbara – I’m not sure where the Hamadeh connection comes in. But – wow indeed, if this is the same Marwan Hamadeh who currently maintains such a stranglehold on Lebanon’s telecommunications sector.

Happy bidding 😀


4 Responses to “Amb. Habib from Marwan Hamadeh: Ebay treasures”

  1. Lina Mikdadi Hamadeh said

    the “wow” brought a smile to my face… in fact Lina Mikdadi is at this point Marwan Hamadeh’s wife (i.e. the minister of communications), soon to be divorced… still amusing.
    Special envoy Philip Habib’s estate? this touched me deeply.

    Lina Mikdadi Hamadeh

  2. Linda said

    Lina is in fact the wife of Marwan Hamadeh (minister of communications. Lina sent both books that she wrote to me about 5 years ago. Because they are so difficult to find, my copies have been circulated all over the country to folks who wanted to read them. Currently, they are in Cedar Falls, IA with a young lady who was doing a graduation thesis on the Middle East. If you have a chance to get a copy of one of these books, do so. You will not be sorry. My “sister” Lina is wonderful, witty, charming, brilliant and fiercely loyal to the causes and people close to her heart.

  3. Vazgen said

    I am trying to get hold of Lina… I am an old friend… any help would be greatly appreciated…

  4. Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

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