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red, red w(h)ine

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on August 14, 2007


To most Lebanese bartenders, I look like a white wine drinker.

This would be infinitely more appealing if I were a white wine drinker. Instead, I prefer red, which creates all kinds of confusion when ordering.

Last night, for example, I went out with some friends for drinks in Gemmayze. When the waiter arrived, I said: a glass of red wine, please.

White wine? he asked.

Red wine, please, I replied.

White wine? he asked, again.

No, I said. Red wine.

Of course, he said, returning a few minutes later with a glass of rose.


For a while, I thought the problem lay in my pronunciation – particularly since I often ordered in Arabic. Maybe my “nabid a7mar” and “nabid abyad” somehow sounded similar.

So I switched to French – vin rouge vs. vin blanc, with no success. Obviously, it wasn’t the language – the problem is me.

I used to find the glasses of white wine that magically appear in front of me annoying, but I’ve learned better. Now I just smile and tell my friends: watch. Its like my own little magic trick.


2 Responses to “red, red w(h)ine”

  1. kinano said

    Ah! Wine…

    *reminisces over lovely nights spent over a bottle of wine*

  2. […] right/left troubles come just when I thought I was getting past my red wine / white wine woes (I’ve successfully ordered glasses of red wine twice now, although one was at my […]

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