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delusions of artistry

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on August 10, 2007

Standing on M’s terrace with a big digital camera in my hands encouraged my ego in its daydream that I am an “artiste” photographer. Here are the results of my efforts to blend M’s lush landscaping with the Achrafieh skyline:





5 Responses to “delusions of artistry”

  1. Rami said

    nice trial! 🙂
    you may like to check http://www.catchingzlight.com it is a lebanese photography club for amateurs, since you often take photos for ur blog and you might be interested in learning some techniques.


  2. sparkleplenty said

    You ARE your mother’s daughter… nicely done! 😉

  3. intlxpatr said

    Wish I had M’s amazing green thumb – the garden through which you are shooting is also gorgeous!

  4. kinano said

    The jasmines are lovely 😀

    I grow up around jasmines and their smell will never part with me 🙂

    Lovely photos.

  5. Rami, thank you for the web link – the photographers there are wonderful.

    Sparkle, I think sporty d has the market cornered on inheriting the maternal photography gene:) but thank you!

    Khalti, M’s terrace garden is so, so refreshing. Their housekeeper puts in a great deal of time and effort – and the results are lovely.

    Kinan, I too love jasmine – I didn’t really grow up with it, but living in the Levant brings so many jasmine encounters that I feel I am making up for lost time :).

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