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scenes from a red line city

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on August 8, 2007

G is in London this week, and recent meal reports included a burrito dinner. Yum – I’m dying for some real American food. Instead I contented myself with a dinner at Karam, topped off with 2ashta and honey. Yum, yum, yum. 2Ashta is cream curds or clotted cream, I forget which, and when both cream and honey are fresh the taste is heavenly – even if I do feel a bit like Miss Muffet.

To fill the week’s G-less free time I went for a pedicure with my friend M yesterday afternoon – and a very fine pedicure it was. In honor of the political situation, I had my nails painted Chanel Red – from a long-lived bottle I picked up at Aishti two summers ago. Yes indeed: like the city, my toes are now a red line.


After the pedicure my ten cherry toes and I headed to M’s to hang out before dinner – and, since I had my camera, to play tourist on their rooftop terrace. These photographs are taken looking out over downtown and west towards Ain el-Mreisse and Hamra, around 7 pm.





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