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Syrians learn to walk

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 25, 2007

In the immediate aftermath of last summer’s July war, one starkly topical Johnnie Walker ad took on semi-iconic status for those looking for signs of Lebanon’s capacity for resuming normal life despite the devastation created by Israeli bombing raids:


(For one of many articles about this advertisement, which appeared as a billboard, see the New York Times“A brash message to a wounded country”.)

Thanks to SANA, my favorite state news agency, I see that Syrians are now walking as well – although for health rather than political reasons:

Walking festival is organized in Syria

HOMS, (SANA)_ A festival for mass walking was organized yesterday in the central Syrian governorate of Homs with the aim of generalization of the walking culture and giving it the sufficient attention due to its medical importance in treating diseases and prevention from it.

Participants, who are from all ages and from different unions, vocational syndicates, popular organizations and from health institutions, moved in three axis in the city raising banners calling for practicing daily walk and abandoning car and smoking for keeping a healthy heart and lung.

For this occasion a central symposium on healthy and psychological importance of walking and its correct ways was held with the participation of a number of specialists in physical medicine and heart and chest diseases.

No snide comments about Homsis needing to be taught the “correct ways” of walking, please!


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