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his & hers job ads: well, hers anyway

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 10, 2007


I have vague memories of having to submit a photograph when I applied for a master’s program at Princeton years ago – or maybe it was even further back, when I was applying for my BA.

And having edited the CVs of several French friends, I understand that it is quite common to embed one’s photograph in the body of one’s CV – which does a lot to advance that country’s claims to race-blindness, of course.

Part of me assumes that the “latest picture” request is designed to ensure that only attractive candidates are called for an interview. After all, Jeddah is KSA’s “liberal” city. But part of me wonders whether I’m being too American in my reading. Maybe the request is designed to weed out those whose most recent photograph does not show them professionally attired in hijab.

Well. Looking at that last sentence, even my most Pollyanna bits are thinking: not a very likely maybe, is it?


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