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a man for all regions: happy birthday, Dad

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 6, 2007

My father’s name is known throughout the Middle East.

Thanks to the region’s interest in the paternal line, my father appears on everything from my entry visa applications to my latest household appliance purchase. Or rather, we appear together, as Little [father’s first name] Diamond.

My father has an unusual name for an American – his first name is French, and is frequently mistaken for the similar-sounding Irish/English version of his name. People routinely address him by the latter, both in correspondence and in person.

He’s pretty sanguine about this, but as someone who loves precision I find that the mis-namings get totally under my skin. Oddly enough, despite Lebanon’s French influence, people here make the same mistake. As a result, versions of my name that incorporate my father’s mis-spelled first name are sprinkled around this little country. Its a lesson in learning tolerance, I guess:-).

Today is my father’s birthday – a day that I always associate with the fourth of July, both because of its proximity and because my father’s love for our country is so strong.

My parents are each the product of a different coast: my mother is a west coast girl, and my father is from the eastern seaboard. When I think of them both, I think of the sea.

I found this painting as a gift for him:


Dad, this isn’t just any nice sailing ship painting. This painting was done in 1983 by Robert Fraser, who you and Grandma probably know best as your hometown’s official town historian.

I can’t tell whether that little lighthouse is Minot’s Light, but I like to imagine that it is!

Happy birthday, with lots of love always.


2 Responses to “a man for all regions: happy birthday, Dad”

  1. S. Worthen said

    Happy birthday to your father!

  2. Maria said

    happy birthday Abu Diamond!!

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