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a trip back in time ii: his and hers job forms

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on July 5, 2007

I may have prematurely written off the Lebanese job market’s efforts towards equal opportunity employment. This week, I saw an employment form – basically, an employee record for the corporation’s HR files – that was quite equitable in its demands for information:


Of course, I’m still reeling from the notion that one’s religion should be an official part of one’s employee record (not to mention the religion of one’s spouse) – this is quite foreign to me, although I am sure it lurks somewhere in the US past as well.

But what I want to highlight here is the request for one’s parents’ names and nationality. This shocks me as well, but at least the form asks for both parents’ information, rather than just the father’s.

In the US, we are identified by our Social Security numbers, with passport and driver’s license numbers as alternatives. Our countries use different systems: we are known to the state as discrete individuals, while here people are situated within the context of their genealogical records. I imagine that from a state perspective, both have advantages and disadvantages.


One Response to “a trip back in time ii: his and hers job forms”

  1. Elijah said

    Oh honey, you have no idea what goes on in this sick part of the world. They will put an ad in the newspaper saying: Females of “this” nationality only can apply for the job.

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