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career opportunities with the Axis of Evil

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 24, 2007

If you are starting a 24 hour English language news channel designed to break Western media’s “stranglehold” on the world, where do you look for news correspondents? Beirut, of course!


Well, this advertisement is looking for Beirut correspondents, but … its tempting to imagine the specter of fear that might be raised if Press TV were hiring all its correspondents in Lebanon. Shi’ite news crescent, anyone? 

Press TV will be the latest in a line of state-run or state-affiliated global news channels to open in the past year or two, including France 24 and Russia Today as well as Al Jazeera’s international channel.

UPI’s article on the channel describes Mohammad Sarafraz, deputy head for international affairs of the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, as saying that the station springs “from the need to counter misinformation and mudslinging about Iran”. Accordingly, its news will focus primarily on the Middle East and the United States – apparently some “international events” are more newsworthy than others.

The channel is meant to launch on July 2, which gives its HR staff two days to sort through the CVs it receives from this advertisement. They must be powerhouses of efficiency. I’m going to add “presstv.beirut” to my list of gmail contacts and see how often the address is active!


2 Responses to “career opportunities with the Axis of Evil”

  1. sknkwrkz said

    whoohoo! an english language iranian state news channel?!

    good bye comedy channel i’ll have something funnier to watch now 😛

    i am so gonna love this haha!

  2. […] TV, which I have written about before, is the English-language 24-hour news channel sponsored by the government of Iran. Several of its […]

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