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Alphabet tag

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 19, 2007

My aunt tagged me with the “alphabet tag” almost ten days ago, but between news, work, and travel I haven’t found time to complete it.

Now, though, I am waiting up until G comes online – amazing how far about ten hours can be! – and the time is perfect for a little run-through of the alphabet.

A: Available or single — (aren’t these the same?) neither.

B: Best Friend — I have several very dear friends: one M, two Ses, and a whole host of Ks.

C: Cake or pie — buttercream cake frosting. yum, yum. for me the actual cake is a mere delivery tool.

D: Dance or exercise — both, preferably in abundance.

E: Essential Item — running shoes. (More accurately: glasses, or else the run – and my life – won’t last long.)

F: Favorite color — burnished gold

G: Gummy bears or worms — I agree with my aunt: Gummy Bears, red ones.

H: Home town — Evanston, Illinois.

I: Indulgence — blogging.

J: January or February — February, because my sister & brother-in-law were both born then.

K: Kids — have the most radiant smiles.

L: Life — should be filled with laughter.

M: Marriage — an aspiration.

N: Number of siblings — one.

O: Oranges or apples — green apples, cold and crisp.

P: Phobias — things in my teeth.

Q: Quote — blanking. blanking. blanking. I don’t have a favorite quote to keep in my head :(.

R: Reasons to smile — an alphabet of loved ones, from A to W, if not quite all the way to Z.

S: Season — Autumn (I’m with my aunt on this one). I love the colors of fall, the crispness in the air, the lonely sorrow of autumn nights, and the bright promise of a new academic year.

T: Tag: I’m tagging newly minted blogger A Time to Dance and my cousin Google Gastronomy with this tag. Hey you two, is there any way you could make your responses match the themes of your blogs (dance & google)??

U: Unknown fact about me — I am a recovering shy person. Shy as in can’t-use-the-phone shy, because I can’t face the idea of talking to a person I can’t see. Shy as in can’t-look-anyone-in-the-eye shy, because I’m too mortified to be speaking. Shy as in can’t-chit-chat-with-shopkeepers shy, because even a conversation about the weather (“looks like a hot one today”) is too profound.

V/W: Worst habit — tee hee hee, its a family thing. I really really really like being alone too, khalti!

X/Y: Your favorite food — yum. Food in general is a favorite thing of mine. If I had to choose one cuisine to eat for the rest of my life, I would choose Indian – and if pressed to choose a region, Gujarati. Bring on the thali plates …!

Z: Zodiac — Scorpio, the most embarrassing sign to have. Scorpios are devious seducers, disloyal and manipulative. I cringe whenever I read a “Are you a Scorpio? You are …” description.


3 Responses to “Alphabet tag”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Thank you, dear one!

  2. Evanston!?!?!

  3. my pleasure, khalti – sorry it took so long!
    Evanston, Raees 🙂 – but we were living in Northbrook.

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