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signs and warnings

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 13, 2007

Last night G’s friends teased me for choosing a table far from the glass front of my favorite bar. Today, of course, the city had another bombing. (C & K were nearby, at the Rawdeh Cafe, and C has posted his immediate reactions.) In a sign of what a universal reference the tayyar newsite has become, we could barely load it half an hour after the explosion.

Its been a sad afternoon – not scary, but sad. This bomb did kill a number of people – which I think makes it a bombing of a different order than the ones of recent weeks.

When G left and I got around to checking my email, I found two sadly apt warnings awaiting me. Sadly apt, but happily more dire than the present situation here.

The first was a how-to piece on counter-surveillance, filled with impressive technical terms like “bumper locking”, “stair-stepping”, and “the typical six-step terrorist attack cycle”. Needless to say, I was happy to realize that most of it was over my head. The only surveillance I am under is that of my curious “what will the foreign one do next?” neighbors.

The second was yet another warden message – this one coming from yet another American Citizen Services outpost: Jerusalem.

I didn’t read the ACS location carefully, and nor did I note the two “Gaza” mentions during my first, horrified read. I read “Beirut” for Gaza”, and shrank in terror:

Interfactional clashes in the Gaza Strip have resulted in a precarious and dangerous security situation. All American citizens are urged for their safety to remain indoors. If there is shooting or explosions in your neighborhood, stand fast and move into the interior areas of your residence away from windows, using mattresses or other means of protection from shrapnel or glass shards. If there is a basement area, move to it. The risk of being caught in crossfire outdoors is great.
American citizens in the Gaza Strip should depart as soon as possible
but exercise caution in movement.

Poor people in Gaza, terrified and demoralized as they must be. Poor people here, sad and cynical at this latest eruption of animal violence.


4 Responses to “signs and warnings”

  1. The juxtaposition between ‘rabbit food’ vs. ‘signs and warnings’ is almost too much to comprehend. Be safe, LD. And see you soon.

  2. I know – what a difference a few hours makes. I love the rabbit food post (or to be more accurate, I love having a hindbeh recipe that I know I won’t lose), but I wish that such a chipper post wasn’t the last thing I had written here before C sms’ed me saying “a bomb just went off next to us”.

  3. It all adds to complex pattern of life, though. Right now, reality is rabbit food AND bombs. Although I passionately dislike and avoid most greens (missed out on that gene!), I would certainly eat more if it meant less violence.

  4. If you still have it, could you send me that counter-surveillance email?

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