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building boom

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 11, 2007

At Easter-time I wrote about the construction slow-down in the heart of the city, but I neglected to explain that this was not true for the entire city.

Hamra appears to be a booming micro-economy of growth and investment. There are numerous new shops and restaurants opening on Hamra Street proper – not only global franchises like Nando’s, but local chains as well. A new Chopstix is going in across from Kababji, and while G and I were lunching at Lina’s yesterday we noticed that a Tabkha is “coming soon” on Gandhi Street.

In addition to the commercial spots, I see many 5-10 story condo buildings in various stages of construction – and many old buildings in the process of being torn down. These buildings aren’t large enough to attract the attention of mega-builders like Emaar – they are smaller affairs, funded by smaller pools of investors, here or in the Gulf.

This lot on Bliss Street used to be a set of decaying old one- and two-storey buildings, torn down ten days ago. I took this photograph last Friday morning, when the streets were still wet from the morning’s rain.


This building is a self-styled “luxury” condo being built on Makdisi Street. I find the wooden “latticework” fascinating.





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