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breathing easy: oxygen bombing

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 7, 2007

We were at my usual neighborhood spot when news came of the latest bomb – a call to G’s mobile. I watched the other tables – no announcement came from the waitstaff, no swell of realization across the room. No one left – in fact, in the twenty minutes before we left, ten or fifteen people came in.

I turned on the radio when I got home, and it sounded dire. The announcer was somber; the news was too fresh for live coverage.

Then I searched the internet, and found that the bomb targeted … an industrial area. In fact, it exploded in a building filled with oxygen tanks, producing a spectacular fire.

As I type, the radio journalist reporting from the scene is trying desperately to find casualties. Perhaps – God forbid – she will find one. I have trouble believing that this bomb – that any of these bombs – were intended to produce casualties. It takes a certain skill to set off bomb after bomb – we’ve had five since late May – while limiting casualties to one elderly woman.

A bomb set in an industrial zone … at 9:15 at night … in a building filled with oxygen tanks – what could be more perfect, if the goal is maximum spectacle with minimal casualties?

Like my fellow out-and-about’ers, I find that the message of fear that many suspect to be the real purpose of these bombs is fading with repetition. I hope this doesn’t mean that the bombing stakes will be raised.


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