A Diamond’s Eye View of the World

a multi-faceted look at the middle east, and the middle west

a little night blindness

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 4, 2007

I don’t think you should go out this evening, G said to me. You can’t see and there’s a war.

Right on both counts, it seems. Thanks to an eye exam in the afternoon, my eyes are big glassy pools of dilation. (I’m typing this post tap by tap, squinting at the screen through one eye.)

And thanks to an as yet unknown perpetrator, the days of quiet have been replaced by another bomb – this one set in an empty passenger bus on the eastern fringe of town.

Don’t worry, I replied. I’m not going anywhere.

I imagined myself wandering through the city night with these eyes. Pardon me, I would say, but could I feel your chin? I can’t see anything, and I just want to be certain there aren’t militants about.

Not the most efficient system, nor the most efficacious. On the whole, I’m glad to have stayed in.

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