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missing the party

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on June 2, 2007

Last night I stayed in, working to finish a conference report that was due … oh … yesterday. Thank goodness for time zones – it was due in New York, which gave me an extra seven hours.

By staying in I missed what must have been one heck of a house party: a joint birthday fete for two friends that included rented 400 mega-watt speakers and a “noise complaint”visit from the Internal Security Forces. I feel certain that no Iowa “kegger” could have had a more spectacular ending than two men with machine-guns arriving to close it down.

I missed the party, but I did make it to the re-hash, which took place this afternoon over left-over Indian takeout. As I greedily scooped up dal with reheated naan, host number one filled me in about which guests came, while host number two described the ISF’ers. For a full accounting (that uses the party as a segue to discuss the gun battles going on even now up in Nahr al-Bared), see his Killing Time in Lebanon.

Meanwhile the news from the north gets worse – I have had to look up word after word just to keep up with the escalation in violence.

In the English language media, the Lebanese Army is still ‘pounding’ and ‘crushing’ the militants. In the Arabic, the attacks come from both sides: the latest Tayyar update says that the “clashes are very violent, more ferocious than during the day”.

Other reports state that the militants are stuffing the bodies of their dead (as well as cars and buildings) with explosives; perhaps this was their response to the call made this afternoon by the Union of Palestinian Ulema – a call for a temporary truce (hudna) so that the bodies of the dead inside the camp could be removed for burial.


(I’m not an Aounist – I’m simply hungry for news, and no other Lebanese site, media or otherwise, provides such frequent updates.)


2 Responses to “missing the party”

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  2. intlxpatr said

    “I feel certain that no Iowa “kegger” could have had a more spectacular ending than two men with machine-guns arriving to close it down.”

    Uhh . . . yeh . . . no argument!

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