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as if Lebanon didn’t have enough troubles these days …

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 27, 2007

This headline came up on the latest Google alert:

 Pirates plunder Lebanon

WHAT? I thought in alarm. Goodness – the news just gets worse and worse here!

Of course, these pirates turned out to be actors – an amateur troupe engaged to perform at a local cinema in Lebanon, Oregon.

The comment of one of the pirate actors, though, reminded me of my aunt’s post on Halloween pirate costumes from last fall, which I also mentioned here.

Capt. McCormick, who goes by Steven Black when not in character, said his group draws crowds wherever it goes.

“It’s funny, why do we celebrate these pirates, these buccaneers, these cutthroats of the open seas? They were bandits. They were thieves and murderers and very desparate and bad men,” he said.

“But we do know why. Because they lived life on their own terms, they sought freedom more than treasure. … A short life, but a merry one.”

Gulp. I hope no one watching the coverage of Nahr al-Bared looks at the Fatah al-Islam fighters and thinks: they live life on their own terms, and they seek freedom more than worldly treasure. A short life, but a noble one.


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