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turning Lebanese

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 25, 2007

What felt like crisis on Monday now feels normal, so quickly do we humans adapt. Well, easy for me to say – anyone with a car here probably feels the changes much more acutely, as they scramble for parking in neighborhoods where street parking is now prohibited, or wait in long lines at an ever-changing array of roadblocks in and out of the city.

The joke I found waiting for me in my inbox this morning said: Fatah al-Islam threatens to become Christian if the Lebanese army does not withdraw from the border of Nahr al-Bared.

This afternoon, G passed on the AFP report that al-Qaeda is threatening to target Christians in Lebanon unless the army withdraws from the camp. Even while I shudder at the thought of al-Qaeda establishing a more active presence here, something about the mis-communication apparent in these two communiques makes me laugh.

Meanwhile, on to more superficial topics like … fashion.

My aunt sometimes tells me: Little Diamond, you are turning Lebanese.

However, when I opened the box of clothing that my parents had sent from Salzburg, I realized that she was targeting the wrong family member. It is my mother who has become Lebanese.

I grew up with fairly staid swimming suits – conservatively cut or racer style, in the red-white-and-blue colors favored by our all-American country club. Even when I graduated to bikinis, they were … not so bikini. I like to swim, not to preen, and I definitely don’t like having to ask myself: if I do this somersault / turn / handstand, will my suit follow me?

Moreover, my idea of a really eye-catching bikini color is … black. or … navy. sometimes, when I feel particularly daring, I put on one that is navy and … white.

My swimsuit fashion sense is hence a bit plain for Lebanon, although I have happily adopted the bikini-with-heels beach club fashion that here is de rigueur. I believe that heels go with everything :-).

Back to the box of clothing. When it finally arrived I tore through the packing tape and spent half an hour trying on the treasures it contained – tops in various styles and various shades of black, brown and white, my “colors”.

When I dug down towards the bottom, I found a much more colorful treasure – and one that appeared much more likely to have come from a shop in Beirut than from one in Des Moines:


Yes – the top is made of a shiny turquoise fabric. And yes – that is a sequined flower on the left … er … side. Thank goodness I have heels that match!


4 Responses to “turning Lebanese”

  1. SparklePlenty said

    Whooo hoo – fabu bikini! You better have killer matching heels for that number. And maybe some double-sided sticky tape. What a great “care package” from Big Diamond & Co. – good to see she’s stretching those color boundaries (you’re a chip off the ‘ol rock, you are)! Were your E-Bay white jeans in there, too?

  2. intlxpatr said

    Little Diamond, you can wear that (with the heels) when you come to Kuwait! I think you need some JOOOOOLLLS to go with it, then you can be Twinkle Plenty!

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