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“Remain within a hardened structure: life in Baghdad”

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on May 8, 2007

Another warden message arrived today from the US Embassy in Kuwait – this one more chilling than any I have read before. Whatever the rhetoric at home, clearly the US Embassy in Baghdad is aware of the actual state of affairs: lawless, chaotic, and deeply dangerous.

I feel sorry for US soldiers and others working there, but my heart breaks for Iraqis in Baghdad. What kind of life is this?

Embassy of the United States of America
Kuwait City, Kuwait
May 8, 2007

To: All American Wardens
From: Consular Section
Subject: Warden Notice 2007 – 7

Please circulate the following message without additions or omissions immediately to all American citizens within your area of responsibility:

For those of you how travel or work in Iraq we would like to share the below warden message which was sent by Embassy Baghdad.

Begin Text.

Warden Message
Embassy Baghdad
May 4, 2007

Dear Warden Message Recipient:

On May 3, 2007, The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad distributed the following to U.S. Government personnel. All American citizens are urged to consider this information carefully when making plans to travel to U.S. government facilities, especially in the International Zone.

As a result of the recent increase of indirect fire attacks on the International Zone, outdoor movement is restricted to a minimum. Remain within a hardened structure to the maximum extent possible and strictly avoid congregating outdoors. For all individuals whose place of duty is outside a hardened structure or traveling a substantial distance outdoors, personal protective equipment (PPE) is MANDATORY until further notice. PPE is not mandatory during times of minimum outdoor exposure, such as walking from the South Palace exit to the dining facility. Please note, PPE is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, especially when frequenting structures without overhead cover (e.g. self-serve laundry, Post Office, etc.).

Public places that are not in a hardened structure—such as the Blue Star Restaurant—should be frequented only in conjunction with the use of your PPE.

As a reminder, cellular phone use is prohibited during times of emergency. Use caution when speaking with family and friends, and refrain from explaining details such as: number and type of causalities, location of impact site, and extent of damage. This information is sensitive and could potentially jeopardize future security.

The requirements provided herein are intended to maximize safety and minimize the senseless loss of life to Chief of Mission and Multi National Forces-Iraq personnel.

End Text.


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