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Writing With a Purpose: Eyebrow-Raising Warden Messages

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 24, 2007

Thanks to my visits to my aunt and uncle, I seem to be permanently ensconced on the American Embassy of Kuwait’s warden mailing list.

As a result, I get a steady stream of announcements relating to personal security in the Gulf, Asia (for US Kuwaiti residents looking to vacation in Thailand, I assume), and Iraq. Bookworm that I am, I read them all.

Every so often a warden message comes through that makes me wonder – as this one did today.

I don’t think this was sent merely as a general reminder. There must be a number of Americans in Kuwait who have had some serious recent alcohol and narcotics run-ins with the local authorities.

Embassy of the United States of America

Kuwait City, Kuwait
April 24, 2007


To: All American Wardens

From: Consular Section

Subject: Warden Notice 2007 – 6

Please circulate the following message without additions or omissions immediately to all American citizens within your area of responsibility:

Please note that there are 2 messages integrated within this notice.

Message One:

Begin text.

The United States Embassy in Kuwait City wishes to remind all American citizens that throughout their stay in the State of Kuwait they are subject to local laws. In addition, please be reminded that alcohol and narcotics are prohibited in Kuwait and that those arrested for possession or trade of those substances are dealt with harshly by Kuwaiti law enforcement.
The Embassy cannot intervene to free Americans who have been arrested, nor can it represent Americans at trial, give legal advice or pay legal fees and/or fines with U.S. Government funds.
However, American citizens do have the right to meet with a consular officer from the U.S. Embassy. A consular officer can, among other things provide you with a list of attorneys, assist with notifying family members of the arrest, and ensure equal treatment in accordance with local law.

If you are arrested, you should request access to your consular officer at the earliest opportunity. The U.S. Embassy is staffed twenty-four hours a day and can be reached at 259-1001.


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