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Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 19, 2007

I have been told that the security officers overseeing the campsites downtown stopped allowing photography and video-recording after several early clips showing Hizbullah supporters behaving in unbecoming, or at least poor-for-PR ways were broadcast on YouTube and other sites.

As a result, my natural flee-from-anything-bearing -the-slightest-whiff-of-controversy led me to turn my camera elsewhere when I was downtown the other afternoon.


This was taken looking towards the port with the Virgin Megastore in the near background. The port and lower downtown are perhaps Beirut’s greatest loci of economic activity at the moment. I get a kick out of the Virgin Megastore because its building is often described as Beirut’s former opera house. It is not. The building originally housed a cinema called the Opera.



A closer view of the orthodox church at the heart of Place de l’Etoile, with the Roman ruins stretching out below and more construction in the background.


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