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Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 18, 2007

My friend S has a theory as to why Gemmayze is such a hotspot in Beirut. Its not the ambience or the location – its the name.

“Jum-MAY-zee”, he says, emphasizing the hard “J” in the way of Jordanians who haven’t adopted the “zh” of francophone Arabia.

He may be right – I certainly do like the way it rolls off my tongue.

And yesterday evening I liked the way it welcomed me and my friend M, newly returned from a long stint in the Gulf, to “our” bar, where the waitstaff all share the same name and a little discreet pouting always gets us our favorite table.


Gemmayze Street

(technically named Gouraud, after one of the Mandate-era high commissioners, while the actual Gemmayze Street is a small side street that no one knows)


my handbag, ready for a glass of wine



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