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“running” in Beirut

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 17, 2007

I’ve seen a recently posted advertisement for a “women-only” race in several places:


This must be the time for women-only athletic events in the Middle East – following (haha) the “Follow the Women” tour which came through Lebanon last week before moving on to Jordan and Israel. (The Lebanon leg was unfortunately taken over by March 14, politicizing what should have been an event for all, but the overall event went well, I understand).

I hate running, which should put me in good company in this country – I watched coverage of last Sunday’s half-marathon in Zahle on NBN while I was at the gym, which showed thousands of people strolling along at a Sunday-promenade-on-the-corniche pace. I understand from the media reports that there were indeed a few runners among the 12,000 participants, but I certainly didn’t see any!

So I plan to “run” this 5K (3 miles), along with a friend who logs 8 minute miles every morning. We should be quite a pair – me whining at the pace, and her telling me not to be such a baby :-).


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