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timing is everything (ii): adventures in multi-lingualism

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 14, 2007

The curmudgeon in me sometimes thinks: If I never hear another person tell me proudly about how “typically Lebanese” it is to start a conversation in one language, throw in words from a second, and end in a third, I will be okay. If I never hear another person use the example “hi, keefik, ca va?”, I will be delighted.

What I do love, though, are the moments in which I hear Lebanese people playing with their country’s tri-lingualism.

Recently I over-heard two acquaintances discussing the status of an order they had placed.

It will be here in twenty minutes, one said to the other.

Twenty minutes – 3ashreen da2i2a y3ani? the second asked in response.

La, replied the first, smiling. Twenty minutes y3ani vingt minutes.


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