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Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 8, 2007

Today is Easter – everyone’s Easter, in fact, as this is one of the rare years when the various Christian communities’ liturgical calendars coincide. This means that I am receiving more than the usual number of holiday sms’es as friends both Orthodox and Catholic send mass “al-massi7 kam”, “joyeuses paques”, and “happy Easter” messages to all the friends in their mobiles’ phone books.

I’m looking forward to a big holiday lunch in a few hours, hosted by a dear friend of mine and his partner. He’s northern European and she is southern, so my stomach and I (and my friend K, who I invited along as well) are looking forward to a feast of beautifully turned out pastas followed by exquisite truffles. Lent is over: let the feasting begin.

Meanwhile I have been enjoying the array of eyebrow raising search engine terms that have somehow brought various viewers to my website. I can only imagine that some of them must have been just as surprised as I was to see where their searchings had taken them.

Romantic words in Lebanese was fairly logical, although I doubt that any of my dating stories would aid anyone hoping for some help with a date of his/her own.

Curfew eye dust was a bit more confusing, although certainly the dust from the past week’s khamsin rains has been irritating my eyes.

top 10 site shi3a gave me brief hope that my site had gained some kind of global sectarian popularity, but my own attempts at this search soon put a stop to my imagining.

bobotie how to pronounce made me smile to see that the dish continues to make inroads among the English-speaking world’s adventurous diners.

Amman Russian escorts made me frown – and then smile, as I realized that whoever found my blog with those search terms was about to read something much different than a “where to find” guide.

banana republic march muzak was simply puzzling – what was this person searching for? And why did he/she click through to my site?

and finally

Barilla pasta and Turandot, while equally mystifying, had the happy result of bringing me back to my Italian Easter lunch anticipation.

Happy Easter!

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