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Diamond in the Rough: 10 Uncut Facets of Me

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on April 4, 2007

My aunt has tagged me with the task of revealing 10 Weird Things about myself, which I am reworking into a more diamond-themed “10 uncut facets” of me.

1) (borrowing from my aunt) My parents were married in Heidelberg Castle :-).

2) I am a total homebody. I really, really, really like being at home. This is why I make a better resident of new cities than a tourist.

3) Although I talk about Iowa all the time, I have only one childhood friend who still lives there.

4) If I were limited to one cuisine for the rest of my life, I would choose Indian – and specifically, Gujarati.

5) I cannot live without tea without milk and sugar. or reading.

6) My vision is so bad that my mother’s greatest fear is that I will one day lose both my glasses and my contacts and be forced to drive, blind. I tell her that if the situation was so bad that I had to drive without seeing, I probably wouldn’t care what I hit.

7) For a long time whenever I emailed my grandparents to tell them about my life, I told them what I had been doing, but not who with, figuring that they would be more interested in the sights of New York than in hearing about people they would never meet.

What they understood from my emails was that I had no friends. Thanks to a loving word-to-the-wise from my sister, I began strategically incorporating one friend’s name in each email. After a year, they professed themselves relieved that my life had turned around:).

8 ) When I was in third grade, I lost the school spelling bee when I mis-spelled chrome. I had never heard the word – and that silent h did me in.

9) Several years ago I had a dream about buying gym socks. Since then I have made a conscious effort to have a more interesting life.

10) Given how much I have struggled to fill out the full list of 10, I am not entirely sure that I have succeeded :-P.


2 Responses to “Diamond in the Rough: 10 Uncut Facets of Me”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Oh Little Diamond, what strangely beautiful facets! And I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at several, especially the one about what you tell the grands. Dying laughing.

  2. hahaha 🙂 ya khalti – its a very fun memory for me, and for my sister & brother-in-law too. they helped greatly with the grandparental pr campaign, talking up how many friends I had, how busy my social life was, etc. what a hoot.

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