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Seasons of Parenting: Mother’s & Father’s Days

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 21, 2007

Today is Mother’s Day, here in Lebanon and around the Arab world.

I had often wondered why the day is celebrated in March here – and why we celebrate it in May.

Over coffee the other night, S (the same S of “beautiful south” fame) put the mystery to rest.

Mother’s Day is the first day of Spring, March 21.

Father’s Day is the first day of Summer, June 21.

I like the harmony I see between the two. The timing of these holidays in the Arab world connects parenting – which is about nothing if not bringing forth and supporting new life – with the two seasons that (at least for the American climate) do the same.



One Response to “Seasons of Parenting: Mother’s & Father’s Days”

  1. S. Worthen said

    Mother’s Day was this past Sunday here in England, and you have finally explained to me why it is when it is. Thank you!

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