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The south the south the beautiful south (ii)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 20, 2007

Our trip to the south took us down to the Lebanese-Israeli border at Adayssa.



The sign says: Adayysa welcomes you and the road leads up from the border into the village.



I have never been to an international land border whose two sides appeared so close. The Israelis have planted orchards of apple trees within 100 feet of the border – further support for the old “making the desert bloom” argument, we all snickered. The trees are picked by robots, so we assume that the land on which they were planted is mined.

Our car continued on its way with some discussion as to whether the apple trees were Palestinian or Israeli – the water tanks have Hebrew lettering but Arabic numbering (i.e., numbers written in the Arabic script – not “Arabic numerals”.



view from the border at Adayssa



another view of the border from Adayssa

We all remarked on how different the landscape of the south is from that around Beirut and in northern Lebanon.

K said how much seeing the border brought to life what we all know (this was a car of academics) from our reading of history: that geographically and climatically, this is one unified region. And it is a beautiful one :-).



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