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Googling in the Land of L: from Lebanon to Lithuania

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 14, 2007

For the past week, my loopy Internet provider has been sending me to the Lithuanian version of Google, rather than the American, as it always has before.

The search box choices look like this:

Žiniatinklis Vaizdai Grupės Katalogas

Not only do I personally not read Lithuanian, I also doubt that many Lebanese do.

Arabic, English, French: these are the country’s three languages. While my language of choice is (of course) my mother tongue, I would be happy to see a google.fr or even a google.com.lb pop up when I type “google.com”.

I imagine that someone at Cyberia (funny pun until one realizes just how lost-in-Siberia Lebanon’s internet truly is) or Pesco (the telecom monopoly through which all Lebanese internet providers must route their wireless connections) selected the wrong country from some master scroll list.

When they realize the error, I hope they change it back.

Meanwhile, I am stuck with the less pleasing option of ignoring my google toolbar and typing “google.com”, then clicking on “google.com in English” whenever I need to search something.

Ah well. As the old saying goes: When in Lebanon, do as the Lithuanians do :-).


5 Responses to “Googling in the Land of L: from Lebanon to Lithuania”

  1. GK said

    Well, here’s your chance to learn a few words of Lithuanian. I studied Arabic for one year – you could learn some Lithuanian words if you wanted to. Some of your countrymen have. There are a few hundred Lebanese in Lithuania.

  2. intlxpatr said


  3. Dear GK,

    I think you missed my profile! My countrymen (and women) are notoriously bad at languages – Arabic and Lithuanian among them.

    My friend F suggested that the problem may lie with the location of the satellite from which Cyberia or Pesco are currently pulling internet connectivity. As far as IP addresses are concerned, my laptop is currently located near Vilnius.

    I wonder where we shall “go” next :-).

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