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Sunday in the mountains with Lebanon’s snow bunnies (iii)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 7, 2007

As a foreigner, I find myself frequently encountering the phrase “typical Lebanese”, as a positive adjectival term used by my Lebanese friends to describe certain foods, behaviors, architectural styles, and so on:

“you will like this restaurant very much – it serves typical Lebanese grilled fish, fresh from the ocean”

“the houses on this hillside [sunny creams and yellow stucco facades or stone, with red tiled roods] are the typical Lebanese style, found nowhere else in the world” [well, except Italy and, more recently, Israeli settlements]

The friend who took me on Sunday’s outing has a terrific sense of humor about all things – including his native land. When we were going down from Kfardebian, he asked:

“are you sure you don’t want me to stop the car so you can get out and feel this typical Lebanese snow?”

I was sure that I didn’t, but I did enjoy taking photos. Here are the last ones:


This one shows the glare from the car window but I love the blue of the sky and snow.



The road down was crowded with cars filled with skiiers and those who had just come to play in the snow.




These people on the other hand were enjoying a daytime dance party sponsored by the ubiquitous MixFM; it looks like the party drew quite a crowd.



This photograph I took because I thought the building was a lovely, simple church. It is not. It is a lovely, simple apartment building with a metal antenna on its roof.


I took this photo because the trees looked so graceful, reaching up to the sky. The file size is larger, though, so I am including it here as a thumbnail.


One Response to “Sunday in the mountains with Lebanon’s snow bunnies (iii)”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Your friend sounds like he has a great sense of humor. I would have been dying laughing, you know me, “Lebanese snow!” Total hoot!

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