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geek piety: new Lenten vows

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 2, 2007

My aunt Intlxpatr posted ten days ago about her Lenten vow: better language.

When not weathering the firestorm of publicity coming from the latest (very good, very timely, and very scary) Seymour Hersh article, the New Yorker has come up with a Lenten vow for internet geeks:


I’m not sure I could do it … this would be a tough vow to keep.


(I’m not even attempting to live a Google-less life. This update deals with the New Yorker and Seymour Hersh’s article.)

In my opinion, the Daily Star (Lebanon’s English language daily) has grown markedly more biased since it began accepting US AID money for its “Lebanon Examiner” section. It covers government and March 14 coalition members’ activities with almost as much assiduity as LBC TV covers the daily life of Ambassador Feltman.

Hence, I read the paper’s short Wednesday editorial, Imminent strife on the ground or on the pages of the New Yorker? with a rather curled lip. As a New Yorker, any attack on the New Yorker‘s fabled fact-checkers courts derisive remarks about the professionalism of the accusers.

However, after drinks with my friend R last night, I read Michael Young’s editorial in this morning’s paper, Sy Hersh: the dark side of spun a lot with a different attitude (despite its title, which is a painfully awkward dangling pun and makes rather false claims about the author’s closeness with Hersh).

In general I find Young’s editorials unbearably pompous. He blends the two sides of his heritage in a deeply unappealing way: marrying the unshakeable sense of special-ness of the Lebanese to the self-righteousness of the American. Nonetheless, he shares R’s disquiet at Hersh’s mis-understanding of Lebanese politics.

Young makes the same point that R did last night over a very rich bottle of red wine: that the actual state of affairs in Lebanon’s Palestinian camps, and the Siniora government’s relations with them, are nothing like Hersh describes.

I’m not ready to dismiss Hersh’s article out of hand, as Young is, but I did read this morning’s editorial more hermeneutically (with a big thank you to my alma mater for introducing me to Gadamer lo these many years ago!) than I usually do.


One Response to “geek piety: new Lenten vows”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Give up Google??? No way!!!

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