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the high price of beauty: staying fashionable in the Middle East

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on March 1, 2007

When I moved to Beirut, I asked for my friend A’s mailing address. I needed it for some reason or another – something totally legitimate, and single use.

Once I had it written in my address book, though, it began whispering to me, sweetly and seductively.

Change your mailing address, it said. Use me.

I have no will-power when it comes to mail. Of course I changed my address.

Of course I promptly forgot that I had done so.

A month or so later, A telephoned me, baffled, annoyed, and (I hope) amused all at once.

I have six fashion magazines with your name on them in my P.O. box, I heard (very loud and very clear) through my mobile. Do you happen to know _why_? Or how I might explain this to the men who work here?

Ooops, I said lamely. I meant to tell you, but I forgot. By the way, which magazines came?

I love fashion magazines. I cannot even claim that they are a guilty pleasure; the pleasure is pure, and intense. This is all the curiouser given that my personal fashion tends to the dull and the clean-cut, both in twenty shades of black (the unshakeable New York influence).

Hence it was with great joy that I read today’s story in Arabian Business:Harper’s Bazaar launches in Dubai. I know nothing about its new editor-in-chief, Rachel Sharp, but the US edition’s editor, Glenda Bailey, has done brilliant things with the magazine. I can’t wait to buy the first issue:


2 Responses to “the high price of beauty: staying fashionable in the Middle East”

  1. Do you remember the question I asked you in A’s place in Damascus?: “What do these magazines do for you?”

    A burst out laughing.

  2. […] the high price of beauty: staying fashionable in the Middle East […]

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