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Beirut up close

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 23, 2007

“Close” is one of my favorite adjectives to use when describing the spring and summer morning air in Beirut.

Wordreference.com defines close in many ways; among them is the 15th adjectival use of the word:

stuffy, airless, unaired

lacking fresh air

“the dreadfully close atmosphere”

This morning, the air was close and thick with humidity, admitting no breeze or other breath of air. The air tells me that spring is here, already.

One week’s absence brings surprising changes. The building I pass each morning, which has languished in the early stages of a tear-down for nearly two months, is suddenly gone:


The heart-bomb graffiti I wrote about last week has been white-washed, at least on the building I photographed. The image is still visible, but only as a ghost of its former self.

The I love life campaign continues to provide fodder for more commercial interests:


I do love a good sale, but these take-offs strike me as being in poor taste.

The sea view was equally heavy today, although I found a good spot from which to capture both the water and the corniche:



2 Responses to “Beirut up close”

  1. I found the little, pink heart-bombs on Jean d’Arc Street. They’re still there. BTW, I couldn’t resist, and took my own picture of them.

  2. hahaha 🙂 I should have known when I showed them to you on my camera last week! we will have to compare – heartbombs from the short perspective vs. heartbombs from the tall!

    they do spill out onto Jeanne d’Arc but their “heart” is/was Makhoul and the little side street running towards it, parallel to J d’A (near that lovely orthodox church). or maybe J ‘A is the heart, and the side streets the spillover.

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