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Iowa in winter

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 19, 2007

I love the Iowa winter landscape. Something about the white ground, the grey skies, and the stark brown of the leaf-less trees speaks to me. Iowa in the autumn and the winter is so much more elegant than in the summer, when the flat broad green of grass and crops dominates.

I took these photographs this morning, as the sun was lightening the sky with brilliant morning pinks. When I was 12 I was given a lipstick whose color was “sky blue pink”. My friends and I all laughed about it at the time (and it was really too strong for lipstick), but the name of the color has remained with me ever since.




This one (above) was taken quite near my parents’ house.


This one was taken near my gym, about 20 minutes after the first two. Isn’t the sky glorious?


One Response to “Iowa in winter”

  1. abu owlfish said

    I love the photos, especially the sky-blue-pink one. If you’re in IA for much time, let us know.

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