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Little Mosque on the Prairie V: praising God

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 17, 2007

Episode five of Little Mosque on the Prairie is available on YouTube (and again, with thanks to Asifnana for the prompt uploading.

This episode has a rather painfully funny addition: a white Canadian convert. He exemplifies the by-the-book rigidity that converts to any religion can exhibit, running around shouting Allahu Akbar and criticizing the community’s Muslims for their various lapses in correct practice.

A sub-plot involves Sarah and her daughter Rayyan’s pinkie-swear that Sarah can keep up with the five daily prayers for a month. The rigor of doing so is exaggerated for comic effect, which I find less than funny. I know many people who pray the required 9salat without falling prey to such total exhaustion.

One bit did make me laugh. After Sarah agrees, Rayyan brings her something to help her keep track of the prayer times: a mosque clock! I’ve never seen one that keeps track of the five prayer times, as the television show’s clock is meant to, but it could be possible.



One Response to “Little Mosque on the Prairie V: praising God”

  1. Naj said

    🙂 I know, some of the concepts of the series are exaggerated, ,but you have to look at this as a caricaturesque practice in speaking up, while making it characteristically Canadian, i.e. goofi.

    If you like this, and you are not in Canada, catch the fifth estate. they used to be big whistle blowers, exchanging trade secrets with the 60 minutes 😉

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