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Paradise is at the foot of the mother (and father)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 15, 2007

I enjoy reading Syrian Ambassador to the United States Imad Moustapha’s blog – its nice to see someone with a well-rounded life in the foreign service. I also admire him for posting so much of his private thoughts – on books, music, art – and experiences – dinners with friends, travels with his wife – as well as his dissertation and other scholarly works online. It takes courage to make oneself so transparent, particularly as a public figure.

Moustapha and his (second) wife have become parents for the first time, and he has a delightful blog about the joys of new parenting. He includes details that will amuse and delight both new parents and those who love them – for example, his agreement with his wife that while “she was to be in charge for everything that goes into the baby, I will be responsible for every thing that comes out of her. Accordingly, I became fully responsible for changing her diapers and bathing her.”

His latest post, Sidra meets Ludwig, is well worth reading in its entirety – and especially for his account of how he has begun introducing his daughter to the world of classical music:
Yesterday, I introduced Sidra for the first time to Ludwig. Immediately after Rafif had fed her, and I dully burped her and removed her soiled diaper, she seemed very relaxed and ready to savor Beethoven’s Fifth. Naturally, I helped her live this new experience by moving her hands in harmony with the rhythmic pulses of this vibrant and energetic symphony. The moment the music was over, and before wrapping her with a new clean diaper, she peed on me giving me her most eloquent indication of what she thought of my musical taste.

On Monday, my sister and brother-in-law sent photos of their son at six weeks old. Babies, regardless of their incredible input-output capacity, are such magical creatures. My sister and her husband somehow find joy in everything their son does – and humor, which is the best leavener of some otherwise rather grave no-diaper incidents :-).


My nephew, in a sporty outfit from his Massachusetts relatives.

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