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leaving on a jet plane

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 15, 2007

Another morning, another trip.

This morning I left Beirut on an early MEA flight to Heathrow – missing the Hariri commemmoration entirely.

At least this time I remembered to bring my camera. While wandering the almost empty 14-23 gates, I took a few photographs looking towards the city.

I love the morning light, and here it seems especially ethereal.

(The center photo is higher-res than the others so you may need to expand your windows to full screen size in order to see it properly.)





4 Responses to “leaving on a jet plane”

  1. jordanm said

    The third picture would be really nice if it weren’t so hazy. =\

  2. dear Jordan,

    you are quite right – the haze makes the image much less crisp. I love it though, because it is so Beirut – the haze lingers in the mountains even when the city and the seaside are a brilliant blue.

  3. Truly beautiful pictures.

  4. CHARLES – I understood from your last email that you were off to an internet cafe to write a sober and compelling analysis of yesterday’s commemmoration. Why are you wasting time commenting on my photos:-)??

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