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Urban Hazards: Bulls on the Loose

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 11, 2007

My aunt and uncle just returned from a long weekend trip and I cannot wait to see the photos (hint hint Intlxpatr :-)). It sounds like there was some excitement waiting to greet them upon their return:

Roving Bulls Cause Havoc in Shuwaikh Port

KUWAIT, Feb 10 (KUNA) — A flock of bulls attacked Shuwaikh port causing havoc among the ports’ crew who managed to control the bulls within an hour, said Saturday Kuwait Ports Authority.

Shuwaikh Port’s supervisor, Captain Moussa Behbahani, said in a press release that 20 bulls managed to escape their cargo Friday night because of health quarantine ranch “irresponsible conduct.” Behbahani said he was touring the port last night when he saw flock of bulls freely roaming pier 17, exposing employees’ lives to a hazard situation. The health quarantine’s supervisor was contacted to control the situation, but his staff was not available, which forced Behbahani to call for his employees to take care of the bulls before the situation deteriorates.

Behbahani said his staff used their personal cars to control the bulls and direct them into the ranch, near pier 21.

The ranch had all four doors wide-open, said Behbahani, adding the ranches guard was not there.


3 Responses to “Urban Hazards: Bulls on the Loose”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Holy Smokes, Little Diamond, I haven’t looked at the paper since I got back and I hadn’t heard about it! Translating, it means all the menial labor had gone back to their barracks and the staff on duty had to work. I get a big grin imagining them “herding” those bulls from their Land Rovers (grin grin grin) and . . . how do all four gates get left open???

  2. I know – so many elements of this story are just aching for visual imagery. Can you imagine what the people driving by the port that evening must have thought?

  3. Intlxpatr said

    They must have thought “that’s a lot of bull!” 🙂

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