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difficult palindromes: man, a plan, … Amman?

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 10, 2007

I am in Jordan for the weekend – the Lebanese weekend (Saturday- Sunday), which overlaps only partially with the Jordanian (Friday-Saturday).

Naturally, I forgot to pack my camera, but even since my last visit (in July 2006 – I returned home to Beirut just in time to unpack and settle in before the war began) I can see changes in Amman – and not just the number of Iraqi license plates. The neighborhoods past seventh circle are now almost as thickly settled as the heart of the city – and the westward growth continues.

In lieu of current photos, I am posting a few from a delightful trip down to Wadi Rum that I took with my friend M, her friend S, and his brother S in June 2005. Yes, Wadi Rum in June. It was beyond hot, but still beautiful.


The famous “bridge” of Wadi Rum, photographed by me and twenty million other tourists.


Sociable camel passing by to say saba7h alkheir and “you are welcome in Jordan”.


a classically ‘touristic’ scene


even at 8 am, the temperature was high enough to produce this heat haze …


… which strangely enough did nothing to deter S & S (a doctor and civil engineer, respectively) from racing one another up this hill and then sliding down it, despite the burning sands.

Men really are from Mars – even when they are from Canada.


5 Responses to “difficult palindromes: man, a plan, … Amman?”

  1. abu owlfish said

    I love the photos, which I’m assuming were done with a panoramic camera held vertically rather than pasted or viewed with a program which shows only the central vertical section of the image. In any event, I really like them as they are. Good work!

  2. Abu Owlfish, I wish I could claim that kind of photographic expertise, but … no! these are standard 3×4 photographs. It could very well be that my camera can take panoramic photos – its a very smart little device – but with me its only uses are for taking the standard tourist photos and images of archival documents.

  3. abu owlfish said

    Ah – all I need to do is to stretch the window sideways and I get a normally proportioned tourist scene. I do like them as you shot them, but I was kinda fond of them as they first appeared on my machine, especially the second, which had only the rump of a departing camel in an extremely narrow field.

  4. Elijah said

    OMG That is my country and I haven’t been there YET!! The pics are beautiful. My sis is going there next week, will ask her if I can post some of her pics when she gets back.

    I loved them so much I wanna keep writing lol. 🙂

  5. Dear Abu Owlfish,

    Again – I only wish I were that creative! what a witty photograph that would have been!

    dear Elijah,

    Welcome and thank you for stopping by my site (and thanks to Intlxpatr for sending so many of her Kuwaiti friends here :-)!). Jordan is one of my favorite countries in the region – not only for the beautiful sites, but also for the people. I remember Jordan as the one place where people would compliment my Arabic even when my accent and tiny vocabulary made me almost incomprehensible. Gracious people; stunning natural and historical treasures. You are lucky to be Jordanian :-)!

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