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I love life in orange: more Lebanese photoshopping

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on February 2, 2007

My friend G was obviously having a slow morning at work today. (Most of his company’s clients come from states around the region, for whom Friday is a holiday.)

He decided to put his time to a more witty use by making his own contribution to Lebanon’s photo-shopped images: a photograph of Saad al-Hariri wearing an orange tie.

It reminded me of something my friend L said one day this past summer, as we were walking home from a late lunch at Salé Sucré in Damascus. Discussing the aspects of life in the US that we miss when we are abroad, he said: I can’t wait to get back to the U.S. so I can put on a colored t-shirt without having to worry about which political group I might inadvertently be endorsing.

G isn’t a Tayyari, but he does have a damn fine sense of humor – and an excellent eye for color.



3 Responses to “I love life in orange: more Lebanese photoshopping”

  1. Oh, I miss Damascus. I had an excellent time while there, even though I was catatonic.

  2. Oh, Charles – you were not catatonic! You and L & the kitties were transitioning between two very different worlds. Beirut was full of bombs and little sleep; and Damascus was full of light and color (shocking for the Lebanese :-)!) and … normality, which even for me was difficult to settle into.

    much as I love Damascus, I must admit that your thoughtful refugee packing single-handedly raised the quality of the city’s wine options :-).

  3. […] week my friend G (he of Saad-in-orange fame) sent me an equally satiric take-off on the I love life […]

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