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The song of rain

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 30, 2007

Whether for Imam Hussein or for the sake of preserving national tranquility, the heavens above Beirut opened this afternoon, sending thunder, lightning, and a pounding of rain down to this earth.

In his “Hymn of the Rain”, Badr Shakr al-Sayyab asks:

Do you know what sorrow the rain can inspire?

In me this rain inspires no sorrow – only awe, and delight. As a midwesterner, my first thought when seeing rain is “oh, how wonderful for the farmers”, though I don’t know whether the farmers here truly need more rain. It might be good for cooling tempers in Mazra3a, though (patting myself on the back for that pun).

I took photographs out my patio:





Looks like this weekend will be a good one for planting flowers (and rearranging the soil that will have migrated to my patio tiles).


This one I took when the sky was clearing and the rain slowing from torrential downpour to ‘string’, as a long ago host in Innsbruck described the steady Austrian regen.


3 Responses to “The song of rain”

  1. Good shots, I just loved the gradient of colors superb!

  2. intlxpatr said

    WOW. If Suresh says your shots are good – WOW. Take a look at his page, Little Diamond.

    I love the last shot. I want to live in that building next door to you with the gothic shaped windows!

  3. Thank you, Suresh! Your photos are beautiful tone poems of color – a good inspiration for my future efforts.

    ya khalti I would love to live there, too – once I had cleaned it up a bit. There’s another building across the street, still inhabited, that I also love. These older structures have such grace – I love the elegance of their architectural lines.

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