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Beirut’s hidden dangers: a heedless Virgin

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 29, 2007

This morning I almost lost my life to the Virgin Mary. She sailed by me, upside down, at top speed, and I jumped back just in the nick of time.

She wasn’t a statue but a painting, 3/4 life size and rendered on a rather formidable sheet of something stronger than canvas. plaster-board, perhaps? Whatever it was, I stood no chance of coming out the victor in any less-than-friendly encounter between us.

Her porter, a young man on a scooter, was holding her up with his left arm, which transformed his entire left side into a blind spot.

It also seemed to have played havoc with his front vision, as in order to reach me he had to first zoom across the intersection, whose far side I was in the middle of trying to cross.

After catching my breath, I began to see the deep humor in what could have been a most unpleasant encounter with the blessed among women. I started to giggle, first inwardly and then … out loud.

In the eyes of my aunt’s Qatari friends, I demonstrated a terrible lack of self control.

Even by American standards, someone walking alone on a street, laughing, raises more eyebrows than approving smiles.

But there I was, laughing and laughing at the idea that in a city so often stereotyped as riven by its religious identities, I could have been a casualty of a church icon.


This afternoon (Thursday) I noticed that WordPress’s “search engine referrals” included one on “visions of Mother Mary in Lebanon”.

I cano only imagine what that poor searcher thought upon clicking through to this posting.


3 Responses to “Beirut’s hidden dangers: a heedless Virgin”

  1. intlxpatr said

    Virgin Mary Clocks Little Diamond! (dying laughing!)

  2. Med said

    And you likely would have minimized the extent of your injuries and continued with your daily life 😉

  3. I know – the possibilities for humorous takes on this are almost infinite.

    As for returning to my daily life, I’m not sure. I might have chalked it up to God’s mysterious ways and headed to LBC in hopes of getting some airtime for my personal “miracle” :-).

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