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the streets of Beirut, where hygiene meets politics (ii)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 28, 2007

A new advertisement from Sukleen appeared this weekend, and again (see: the streets of Beirut, where hygiene meets politics) I am not sure what to make of its timing:


(I stole this jpg’d version from the Daily Star, to which I have an online subscription. thank you!)

The text is, at least to my eyes, ambiguous:

An announcement from Sukleen SARL.

“Sukleen SARL” is undertaking to replace a large number of trash bins [al-7awiyyat] which were damaged during the past days [al-ayam al-ma`9diya] in the different areas in which Sukleen works [lit., of its work] with new trash bins, just as the company is carrying out the elimination of what remains of the debris and cleaning the roads and streets. This is to inform you that the completion of these works will require some additional days.

At the same time, the company thanks the honorable citizens [like “gentle reader”, a rather stock phrase] for their cooperation, and promises them that it continues to work for all Lebanon and in all circumstances [or, under all conditions].

Were trash bins a casualty of the past week’s unrest? Is the company merely hoping to prevent unpleasantness for its workers should residents object to the (unexplained) removal of their trash bins? The wording is either extremely euphemistic (“al-ayam al-ma`9diya”) or the scheduled bin switch-out awkwardly timed.

At times here it can be quite difficult to decide whether I am reading too much or not enough into things.


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