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life as an ostrich

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 25, 2007

Rather ironically in light of the day’s events, the one post I had planned to write this day was titled (in my mind, at least) “life as an ostrich: head-in-the-sand pleasures of Beirut”.

I had intended to talk about the little things I love here, like my … shower curtain.

I’m a serious person – at times, edging toward dour. My shower curtains have always been plain: stark whites in luxurious fabrics. Grave curtains to match their grave owner.

When I shopped for a shower curtain for this apartment, I found something quite different. Perhaps this is what comes from shopping in Kuwait, where I found much of my apartment’s “detailing”.

In any case, my shower curtain here is light and witty, a heavy clear plastic covered in …. rubber duckies.

I have never had a rubber ducky. I never sang the song. But I love this shower curtain.



However, it turned out to be a difficult day to be an ostrich. From the Jund al-Sham this morning to the Mustaqbal/Amal/Hizbullah/meen kamen this afternoon, today seems to be a big step backward for this little land.

So tonight this curfewed ostrich will bury its head in work and journalists’ punditry about what the day’s events portends for tomorrow.


2 Responses to “life as an ostrich”

  1. Walaw! I recognize those shower curtains!

  2. tee hee hee hee hee ya Charles,

    I knew that you would figure out who your new commenter was from this site, but I forgot about the tell-tale shower curtain. I hope that the duckies kept you good company when you stayed here!

    The apartment is no more decorated these days, but you are warmly welcome to crash here when you return to Beirut!

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