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finding one’s way: a map of Damascus

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 25, 2007

Somewhere out in the world of the internet, a person is wandering, looking for the streets of Damascus.

Instead, as WordPress’s “search engine referrals” remind me, their searches keep sending them to this blog. The third time of searching is indeed a charm: I am here to help.

A very good, clickable street map of Damascus can be found online at Syrian Tours’ website.

Shari3a al-3Abed, also known (for obvious reasons) as Shari3a Majlis al-Niyabi, is the street that runs next to the Parliament building. It can be found at C2 on the map mentioned above.

Tijara is a Christian quarter north of the old city, towards Tichreen Park. It is not listed on the map. Among expats, Tijara is known as the home of the tiny resto/bar Kasabji. If you are going there, call for directions (445.1208), as it is a small place off the Corniche and not at all known among taxi drivers.

Hope this helps :-).


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