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Little Mosque on the Prairie II

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 21, 2007

The second episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie has now been posted online at YouTube (thank you, Asifnana!).

I like it at least as much as the first one, and particularly enjoyed a number of what I think of as ‘local’ touches – things that Muslim viewers will get. (Also, the badly pronounced Arabic of episode one seems, happily, to have gone by the wayside.) In the diner scene, Fatima tells the rabid radio talk show host that women cannot appear on the radio and that the prohibition is in the Quran. Rayyan, with whom she has been arguing, decides to end the public part of their argument while still letting it be known that she disagrees with Fatima’s view. She says: oh yes. That’s in the Quran: Sura 115.

The Qur’an only has 114 suras, which the two women know – and the talk show host does not.

The second ‘local’ moment comes as Babur and Fatima are having a discussion about his daughter, who has just begun menstruating, but has not told him. He asks Fatima’s advice on what to do, knowing that his daughter does not want to begin covering her hair. In their conversation, Fatima calls it “wearing a scarf” or “putting on the scarf” – not “wearing a veil”. Not that the latter term isn’t understood, or even used – but “scarf” has a more intimate, and less loaded, set of associations.

Anyway, its worth a watch, and a think, and definitely worth waiting for.


4 Responses to “Little Mosque on the Prairie II”

  1. mo said

    i’ve heard of this programme, and watched a bit of first episode. It seemed funny. Someone said after that it gets a bit dull, and a lot of mistakes.

  2. Hmm. I didn’t find the second episode dull, but I agree with your friend: there were definite mistakes.

    For example, in the first episode Yasser utterly mangles “salaam wa 3aleikum”. I have heard curious pronunciations of this greeting from South Asians and other non-Arabic speaking Muslims, but Yasser is meant to be a Lebanese/Palestinian Canadian.

    The mistakes are not grave, though – at least, not for me.

  3. Abrar Haq said

    That skinny dark guy is supposed to be Lebanese/Palestinian? hahahahaha. Who casted this show, absolutely terrible. I got an idea, lets do a movie on George Bush and get a Sri Lankan guy to play him! Goddamn kilogram!

    Plus, I hate that skinny dark guy. Isn’t he a home-sexer in that other Canadian flop…Metropia?

  4. dear Abrar Haq,

    Yasser, the owner of the construction company, father of Rayyan and husband of Sara, who speaks with a plummy British accent, is the Lebanese/Palestinian. You might be thinking of Amaar, the new imam, who is a second generation Pakistani-Canadian (and would indeed have a difficult time passing for Palestinian).

    I do like the idea of doing a blind casting for George Bush – though I think that much of who he is politically comes from a lifetime spent as a good-looking (male) member of America’s old white WASP elite.

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