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the taste of Beirut: welcome home, tastebuds

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 18, 2007

Now that I am back in Beirut I can more fully appreciate the milk I described in “of course its good – its from Lebanon!”.

Candia Farms has tweaked Silhouette’s packagins slightly, introducing a more streamlined cube with a nifty lid that, when first opened, cuts through the aluminum coated plastic safety seal that keeps the milk fresh and sterile. Very high tech, those British-French-Lebanese milk producers!

What I had forgotten, though, was how Silhouette tastes. I can taste it even through my strong-brewed cups of Stash English Breakfast tea (I love Stash Tea – its available around the country now, but when I was little it was sold only in Oregon, the company’s headquarters, and some Seattle shops, and its peppermint, spearmint, and chai teas were my first introduction to the world of gourmet teas.). It tastes sweet, and slightly grassy – a very pleasant taste and quite distinct from any of the milks I have drunk since leaving here last summer. yum – time to make a noontime cup.


One Response to “the taste of Beirut: welcome home, tastebuds”

  1. […] meanwhile I’m pondering another mystery (plot? counterplot?) of my own. Silhouette, my favorite milk brand, disappeared from Beirut’s grocery shelves in mid-fall. None of my […]

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