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the joys of google (ii)

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 17, 2007

I found 14 “Lebanon” Google Alerts waiting for me when I checked my email after traveling. Once again, those covering America’s Lebanons were curiously apt when applied to the Lebanon, as the country used to be called:

Downtown Lebanon Landmark for Sale (IN)

hmm. could it be the clocktower, or is this merely a snide reference to the Parliament building?

Developer Vows to Fight Lebanon (MO)

First Israel, and now Emaar?

Lebanon Mayor’s Aide Scrutinized in Conflict Probe (TN)

Its not quite a UN investigation but it does seem to be a big issue for a small Tennessee town.

Lebanon Eyes Proceeds from Fire Bond Sales (OR)

I imagine that if the country were insured a number of people would be looking at a nation-wide fire as a way to cash out and cash in, particularly after the sorrows and frustrations of the past two years. But no – this fire sale is taking place in Oregon.

That’s all for now – back to tackling my own little landmines: two innocuous-looking suitcases whose innards are now strewn all over my kitchen, foyer, salon, bath, and bedroom.


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