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blog search terms: where do they all come from?

Posted by adiamondinsunlight on January 15, 2007

My aunt Intlxpatr just posted an entry on blog stats, asking her fellow bloggers their purpose in blogging and to what extent the blog statistics (showing number of visitors, pages receiving the highest number of visits, etc.) influence them either psychologically (high versus low viewer numbers) or creatively (for example, do they post follow-up pieces or similar pieces to those that attracted large numbers of viewers?).

I like seeing the statistics page – it interests me a great deal to see which posts attract what degree of interest. (For example, the Rick Warren in Syria posts sent my numbers skyrocketing – as have my posts on the Little Mosque on the Prairie show.)

What I really adore, though, are the listings of search terms used to “find” my blog. Some, like “little mosque on the prairie”, do not surprise me. Some, like “a diamond in sunlight” (which only appears rarely!) delight me. and some just mystify me:

Arabish dancing

(dancing the debke badly?)

curing heart disease with the Quran

(Speaking as someone with Christian Scientist relatives: God gave us medicine and doctors for a reason. )

meat Arab friend

(hopefully just a mis-spelling)

“changing water into wine” jokes

(hmmm – funny Christians. I like it!)

white double wring mop

(total, total mystery)

arabic milk

(the word for milk in arabic is 7haleeb, but … who knows whether this was what information the searcher hoped to find)

how to say bon appetit in east indian

(the “bon appetit” i recognize, but the “east indian”?)

the llama guns diamond eyes google video

(my goodness. I’m torn between being tempted to look for the video and being terrified at what on earth the viewing experience might be)


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